What’s more fun than looking at cute animal pictures? Not much! This year, nearly 16,000 votes were logged for the 167 pets entered into our 7th Annual Pet Photo Contest, sponsored by Oasis Dog Spa & Shoppe in Muhlenberg Township.

Compiled by Nikki M. Murry | Hank’s photo by Susan L. Angstadt Photography

SNOWBALL | 13, Persian/Himalayan Mix

My name is Snowball! I’m a playful, curious and affectionate girl who gets a lot of attention from my family and friends. Watch out though, I will let you know when I’ve had enough and just want me-time. My favorites include people food like cereal, steak, peanut butter and yogurt. Really – I’ll try anything. My favorite part of the day is bedtime with my parents. I love their bed (it’s really mine)!


PARENTS: Vicky and Duane Cabrera
of Birdsboro

SHEISTY | 15, Orange Tabby

AKA: Shi town, Shiesters, King Shi, Shi Shi

My name is Sheisty! Life used to be a lot different for me. I started out as a barn cat, but my mom took me with her when she moved, and I've lived a pampered life ever since. I have a huge personality, and everyone I meet becomes my best friend. I love potato chips and tater tots and sneak them whenever mom's not looking.


PARENT: Kathleen Phillips of Exeter

BENTLEY | 6, Pomeranian

AKA: Bean, Beadie, Little Foot

My name is Bentley! Most people know me as the manager of my mom’s grooming salon, Pampered Paws. I obviously run the whole place and spend my down time munching on carrots and going for car rides. Exploring the world and all of its smells is my favorite. Mom calls my sister and me Pork and Beans. So silly.


PARENT: Bree Kantner of Temple

13-ish, Pomeranian AKA: Marmie

My name is Marmalade! You would never know a guy as handsome as I am was once wandering in traffic. It was pretty scary because I can’t hear, I can’t see too good, and my legs also hurt. Luckily, my mom found me, and now we’re best buddies! I have to be with her at all times. She’s really happy to have a buddy who’s always down for a nap or a snuggle, and I’m a pro at sleeping! I love fluffy beds and blankets. Some of the best times are when mom shares bananas with me or takes me to magic windows for ice cream or chicken nuggets!

PARENT: Lauren Adele Little of Reading

LOLA | 10 months, Old English Sheepdog

My name is Lola! I’m taking a break from my favorite activity, running around in my backyard, looking for the biggest stick to show Macy. At home, I live with two cats that have learned to love me. I enjoy going for walks with my mom, Linda, “guiding” her around the neighborhood looking for more friends and the occasional squirrel.


FAMILY: Linda, Paul, Macy & Lindsey McDonough of Sinking Spring

CODY | 9, Chocolate Labrador Retriever

AKA: Cody Boat, Cod Man, Codestance

My name is Cody! When I’m not taking naps on my bed, I love to meet my friends at the local dog park. We have so much fun together. Sometimes my mom brings me to work with her at Play Wag Bark in Fleetwood, and we go on walks with other dogs. My favorite snacks are cookies and blueberries. I love going to the beach to play in the sand and to swim in the pool during the summer. Thank you to all my friends and family for voting for me!


PARENT: Brianne Gasser of Fleetwood

EMMITT | 6 months, Cockapoo

My name is Emmitt! As just a young pup, you might guess that I love to chew absolutely everything. Flip flops and toilet paper are my favorite! I hit the jackpot because my owners’ family adopted my brother, Chase, and we get to play together sometimes. I adore my new family, and they adore me! I mean, really, how could you resist me?!


FAMILY: Family: Matt, Laura, Madelyn, Leah, Adam and Hazel Price of Wyomissing

KATIE | 5 months, Boxer

AKA: Krazy Katie

My name is Katie! They call me Katie or “Krazy Katie” because I’m fearless. I am a fun-loving and energetic Sealed Reverse Brindle boxer pup who just completed puppy school. My best friend and sister, Ally, is also a boxer. We love to play with our jolly balls and to go on walks, eating ice cream and snuggling with our humans.


PARENTS: Michele Miller and Troy
Seitzinger of Hamburg

STELLA | 4, English Bulldog

AKA: Wrinkly Potato, Stella Bella Mozzarella

My name is Stella!I am a high-maintenance pup who demands the spotlight and all – yes, ALL – the snacks! Bananas and carrots are my favorite. My mom says my farts and burps could clear a room, but I think they are compliments to the chef. My activities include sunbathing, snuggling and snoozing.


PARENTS: Kenny and Leann Quire
of Reading